Together We Can Create A Better Country!


Our Mission

RevampUSA was created to preserve the U.S. Bill of Rights that became effective in 1791. We aim to prioritize the safety and the integrity of our country by preventing lawlessness and supporting transparent governance.

Our traditional American values have come under attack. The foundation of our once great democracy is being questioned by the radical left and skewed political agendas have proven detrimental to our values, inciting violence, and risking the tarnishing of our American ideals.

We have recognized a rise in the active indoctrination of our students across colleges and universities, compromising their ability to exercise independent decision making.

We believe that the future of our great country is under threat and it is our responsibility to support the policies that encourage American greatness.

We Support the Following Common-Sense Policies:

  • The Bill of Rights
  • Border Security
  • Law and Order
  • Smart Trade Deals
  • American Manufacturing
  • School Choice
  • Government Transparency
  • Energy Independence

By investing in what our country needs, we can achieve great things together!